Michael Salcedo

Michael Salcedo is an Australian Salsa dancer and instructor, with over a decade of experience in the industry. At the beginning, Michael started dancing Salsa as a hobby, but it quickly turned into a passion. Michael fell in love with Salsa, the history of latin music and it’s culture. He also loved the social aspect of Salsa, being able to go out to weekly Salsa clubs, attending congresses and events and making new friends. All this has drawn Michael to make Salsa his career and lifestyle. Michael has participated in various Salsa competitions around Australia, bringing home various titles, and he has been crowned the Australian Salsa Solo Champion, as well as Team Salsa and Bachata Champion at the Australian Salsa Open. 

Michael has trained with world champions and the best Salsa mentors in the industry, and himself has taught at every major Salsa school in Sydney. As a teacher he likes to share his passion with the students, focusing on fundamentals of Salsa dancing. His goal is to show his students how to enjoy the dance and the music. Michael is the resident Salsa instructor at MOVE. His classes are full of energy, fun and humour, while at the same time educating the students on the correct follow and lead techniques and dance etiquette.