There are endless reasons why it's great to involve your children in dance. Apart from improving their physical fitness, dancing helps in exercising the brain and improving problem solving, it provides opportunities for socialising and learning to work in a group, it creates room for self expression, provides education and self discipline and helps improve self esteem. Noticed that your child lights up and loves to move around whenever music comes on? Bring them to dance!

At MOVE, we offer a number of classes to suit various ages, starting kids from as little as 4, and all the way to teens. We also provide classes for different levels, from beginner to advanced. Children can learn to dance on a social activity level, they can also participate in end of year medal exams if they choose to challenge themselves further, and they can even progress all the way to competitions on a local, state or national level. We have a highly committed team of instructors who have years of experience teaching children of all levels - from beginners all the way to national champions. Each child’s journey is unique as is the child themselves, we adapt our teaching style to each child to best meet his/her needs and help them flourish in their own way.